Zen for Kids

Zen for Kids is a flashcard book for kids with tips for being in the world. About how things work. How people and situations work. How kids work. Things that kids might think about, but aren’t covered in class.

It’s full of pictures, questions, answers, and Zen ideas about how life works. It’s flashcards, so you can read it one page at a time or however you want. Level-up cards included.

Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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FOR KIDS: Rohdag’s Videos

Constantly entertaining and occasionally informing — you might like these excellent videos. (Rohdag is sometimes my gamertag online.) For more videos, see the Rohdag’s Videos playlist on YouTube.


Ultrasonic Clothes Drying Technology


Ultrasonic Clothes Drying Technology


Movpak Indiegogo Campaign


World Record – Fastest F1 Pit Stop by Ferrari (2013 Japanese GP)


Homemade Hoverbike

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